A Video Project With Cascades Tissue Group at Hill & Markes Wholesale Product Distributor in Amsterdam NY

We recently connected with Cascades, a powerhouse company that produces towel and tissue products. Go into just about any public restroom and you’ll likely find the Cascades name and logo somewhere! Cascades is based in Montreal, Canada and has production centers located throughout the United States. We filmed leadership interviews and b-roll footage at Hill & Markes Distribution Center in Amsterdam, NY, which is one distributor of Cascades’ products. Hill & Markes is a family owned and operated company that has one of the most friendly and welcoming work environments we’ve encountered. It was a pleasure filming there for sure! One of the many values that these two companies have in common is their passion for sustainability. Hill & Markes values Cascades for their environmentally-friendly product options. This was the focal point of the video footage we captured at Hill & Markes.

We filmed in collaboration with Fabula Films, a Canada based video production company. We are excited to see the final product that Fabula Films creates for Cascades. We can’t thank Fabula, Cascades and Hill & Markes enough for having us film the U.S. portion of their video project.

While we were at Hill & Markes, we had the opportunity to put the drone into the air to capture some aerial footage of the distribution center and its peaceful surrounding location. You may have seen it while traveling on I-90 through Upstate New York. Beautiful even in the dead of winter, you can take a look at this impressive facility surrounded by rolling hills and open fields below!

Normanside Country Club’s Promotional Video is Here – Capital Region Wedding and Events Venue in Delmar NY

Let Normanside take care of every important little detail of your wedding, so you can focus on the important little moments that make up the best day of your life.

This is the message we hope to convey with this promotional video that we created for Normanside Country Club in Delmar, NY. We had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with Normanside and contributing vendors Alexandria’s Beauty Salon, Angela’s Bridal, Tuxego, Northeastern Fine Jewelry, and Fleurtacious Designs, without whom this final product just couldn’t have been possible. When you have your wedding at Normanside, you can rest assure they will take care of all of the important details of your day while you focus on popping champagne with your bridesmaids or playing a round of morning golf with the guys before getting ready for the big moment.

Note, this was NOT a real wedding! We storyboarded the entire video, segmented the filming into a few shoot days, and got to work with an awesome crew of actors as well as the actual Normanside staff. And honestly, as people who have had the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time at Normanside over the past year, we can attest to the unbeatable service and attention to detail they provide to all of their clients. It’s truly top notch, and we highly recommend reaching out to find out everything that this amazing venue has to offer you for not just weddings but all kinds of events.

We hope you enjoy!


Our Big Promotional Video Project for Normanside Country Club Weddings and Events in Delmar NY — Video Is Almost Here!

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of our promotional video for Normanside Country Club, and we are excited to say the time is almost here! We are in the stage of putting the final touches on the video for it’s early 2018 release. Normanside reached out to us earlier this year wanting to do a video to promote their wedding services and venue space. Throughout the summer we worked diligently with them to create and finalize the perfect storyboard and shot-by-shot list. The filming commenced through October and November.

The video’s story centers around a couple and their wedding party spending quality time together and celebrating love on the morning of their wedding day at Normanside. All the while, Normanside is doing what it does best–working behind the scenes to prepare and execute the final details for the couple’s perfect wedding ceremony and reception. We wanted to showcase how couples get to have a beautiful and carefree morning on their wedding day while the Normanside staff works hard to make sure everything is perfect.

We are infinitely grateful for all of the work the Normanside staff has done to make sure the shoot went off without a hitch, and for pulling together an amazing team of actors as well as collaborating vendors: Alexandria’s Beauty, Fleurtacious Designs, Angela’s Bridal, Tuxego, and Northeastern Fine Jewelry. This project would not have been made possible without your donations of wedding swag for our actors (note: real couple and their friends in their wedding party, having a faux wedding!) to show off flawlessly. We can’t thank the actors enough for putting in a 10 hour filming day with us–basically the length of an actual wedding day! And for Normanside’s staff for getting in on the acting action with us on multiple occasions following our first big shoot.

We can’t wait for you to see it. Check back in early 2018 on our blog and Normanside’s website for the video’s release.

video still normanside wedding promotional video w beyer creative

Video of LEAP Architecture’s Contemporary Mudroom Addition on a Saratoga Springs NY Ranch Home

When you think “mudroom,” you probably envision a messy, outdated, lackluster and organization-challenged walkthrough space of a home. But that’s not the kind of mudroom Carly and Dean wanted for their Saratoga Springs ranch. That’s why they contacted LEAP Architecture! LEAP designs spaces that are contemporary and bring a natural element to any kind of property.

In short, this isn’t your typical mudroom. LEAP designed an addition that added space, light, and the perfect family launch pad — a space where the family first enters and leaves each day for school, work, band practice, and neighborhood walks with their giddy goldendoodle pup!

Take a look at the stunning natural wood exterior and contemporary interior of this mudroom, and see how the family uses their new adored space. Carly and Dean talk about why they entrusted LEAP Architecture with this important home addition and how they are loving it today.


Filming LEAP Architecture’s Stunning Contemporary and Natural Home Design in Stillwater NY

Architecture is one of our deepest passions as videographers. It thrills us to have opportunities to capture meticulously designed and constructed residential and commercial spaces. In October we had the chance to film one of LEAP Architecture‘s recently completed designs in Stillwater, NY. If you aren’t yet familiar with LEAP Architecture, you soon will be. Based in New York, this architecture company specializes in designing places and spaces that are modern and environmentally friendly.

This home is the perfect combination of modern and natural. Stone and wood elements can be found both inside and outside of the home. The window placement was planned specifically to offer the best views of the property from the inside and bring in beautiful natural light, making wall decorating mostly unnecessary in this home! Nature IS the art.

Take a look at this amazing house from inside, outside, and above!

Filming a Wish Granting for Make A Wish Foundation in Albany NY

We were honored to be chosen to film a a Make A Wish wish-granting right in Albany, NY this year. You have probably heard of the Make A Wish Foundation and it’s Northeast New York chapter here in the Capital Region. If you aren’t sure what they do, this organization essentially makes dreams come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Twelve-year-old country music fan Lilly was granted her wish in October when the Make A Wish team brought a country music concert right to her and her friends! Local country music favorites Skeeter Creek performed a one-hour set of country hits, including many of Lilly’s favorites. It was a heartfelt celebration on a surprisingly sunny and warm October afternoon. W Beyer Creative was brought in to cover the event and preserve this very special memory for Lilly so she can enjoy it for years to come.

We also got to film the “wish granting reveal” the day before the event, where Lilly was surprised with signs and cheers from the Saint Margarets Center staff and Make A Wish Foundation volunteers as she was told her wish would be granted the following day.

Thank you to the Make A Wish Foundation, the staff at Saint Margaret’s Center in Albany, to the band members of Skeeter Creek for their kindness and generosity, and to EVERY helping hand that made this event happen for Lilly. Stay tuned for the video — you’re going to love it! And we hope Lilly does too!

You can read more about this special day and about Lilly on News 10 ABC and CBS 6 Albany.



w beyer creative make a wish foundation wish granting event albany ny

Photographing A 6,000-Square-Foot Mansion Real Estate Property in the Capital Region, NY

Last week we got to work with our friends and colleagues at Albany Realty Group, who so kindly and expertly helped us buy our own home last year. We’ve photographed some beautiful properties before, but nothing like this. This just-listed property is its own little world of adventure nestled on 13 meticulously groomed acres. We were in awe as we pulled into the long driveway up to this private home.

Having a drone and drone license really helped us to capture this property in its entirety. You can’t always get the full view of a large home and a piece of land when you take pictures at ground level. By snapping images from the sky, we can show prospective homebuyers exactly how a home and its amenities are situated on the land.

This 113 year old mansion property boasts 4 full bathrooms (plus 2 half bathrooms!), 5 bedrooms, a greenhouse, covered and uncovered patios, a walk-through bar off of the kitchen, two classic red barns, and it’s very own pond! It’s a must see. Take a look at a selection of interior, exterior, and drone photos below to view this estate in all its classic, cozy beauty.




Boston Children’s Hospital Visit for a Doctor Interview Video Shoot!

w beyer creative video shoot boston


On August 17th we had the privilege to travel to the bustling city of Boston MA for a video shoot at Boston Children’s Hospital. Our voyage began with a sun-streamed morning drive down the Mass Pike, which put us in the heart of the city right around noon.

Our mission: to interview Dr. Jay Wilson, an expert in Congenital Diaphramatic Hernia or CDH. The interview footage is for our upcoming promotional piece for the Incredible Teddy Foundation. We were very kindly received and guided through the hospital by the Boston Children’s Hospital staff. This made traveling to a new city for a shoot at a major hospital a smooth process, which we genuinely appreciated!


Dr. Wilson video shoot by W Beyer Creative film team


We learned a TON from Dr. Wilson through his interview. He explained that CDH is a rare condition where a hole forms in a person’s diaphragm during development before they are born. This hole allows for organs from the abdomen to travel up into the chest, putting pressure on the lungs and stunting their development. We were astonished to learn that over the course of Dr. Wilson’s more than 30 year dedication to studying and treating CDH, the survival rate has risen to 80% — up from 40% in the early 80’s! Teddy, for which the Incredible Teddy Foundation was named, was born with this condition. Today he’s 7 years old and he’s thriving thanks to Dr. Wilson and the Boston Children’s Hospital Team. The Foundation raises funds to help other families whose children are born with CDH.


allison beyer w beyer creative interviewing video shoot, albany ny videography photography


On top of being such a notable expert on CDH, Dr. Wilson was just a pure joy to chat with. He’s a master at speaking about his work and areas of focus, and he had a lot of great things to say about the Incredible Teddy Foundation. Stay tuned for the Incredible Teddy Foundation promotional/educational video, which will be available for viewing in a few weeks!

**We send out a heartfelt thank you to the amazing Boston Children’s Hospital team of experts, from the marketing crew to Dr. Wilson, for allowing us to come film and for making sure we had an exceptional experience. And a huge thanks also to all skilled and dedicated experts like Dr. Wilson who commit themselves to saving lives affected by CDH.**



Taking Professional Headshots for Staff at Colonie Senior Service Centers in Albany NY

We got to spend yesterday afternoon at Colonie Senior Service Centers (CSSC, for short) located off of Wolf Road in Albany. CSSC is a non-profit organization that supports senior citizens in our community, and they partnered with us to offer their employees a chance to receive new professional headshots. The people we had the privilege of photographing were truly so kind. They made the photo session both a joy and a breeze!


Professional Headshots: Why Have One?

Clean, professionally composed, high-resolution headshots are essential. I (Allison) should know. Before we launched W Beyer Creative, I was a career counselor and career advice writer, so I used to live and breathe career etiquette!

Here is a handful of tips and reasons why you should use a recent professional photograph to establish your online image.

  1. A professional image is the perfect way to communicate who you are, in a visual way. People who are looking to work with you in one way or another (e.g., hire you for a service you provide) will feel connected to you just by seeing your photo. Your image will also establish your brand. What kind of impression do you want to make, and what type of brand would you like to communicate?
  2. If you’re currently employed or manage your own business, your professional headshot will form your clients’ first impressions of you and your business while browsing your company’s website. No doubt you will want to post a picture that instills trust and confidence in your website visitors, in hopes of prompting them to move you to the top of their to-contact list.
  3. If you’re searching for jobs, the profile picture you use on your LinkedIn or Google site will be one of the initial impacts you make on possible supervisors and coworkers who are researching candidates. You want to show that you are neat, approachable, and serious about your image and reputation.
  4. Unprofessional online photos can affect your reputation. If your LinkedIn profile picture is a cropped photo someone took of you out at a restaurant, then employers, coworkers, and clients of the present and future might question your professionalism– even if you’re the human embodiment of solid work ethic in real life. It’s not fair, but it’s a fact of life in today’s world.
  5. Don’t forget to make sure your photo looks like you, as you are, today. It can be tempting to use the same professional photo year after year. However, we all change as time passes. Your online image should represent your current self. Outdated images can be misleading or confusing for others; you want to make sure you are recognizable when you arrive to meet-ups.

In short, when it comes to the reasons why you should boast a professional headshot, everything basically boils down to one concept: impressions. And impressions are everything as a professional, right?


Ready to Step Up Your Online Image? Contact Us!

Whether you’re an individual who wants to revamp your image or an employer who wants to acquire high quality, consistent images of your staff for your company’s website, please inquire with usWe can set up our equipment and take photos at any location, and we are happy to talk to you further about the process and our rates.


Drone Certification from the FAA = Received! Here’s Who Can Benefit from Our Aerial Photo/Video Services

Last week we blogged about passing the FAA aeronautical knowledge test that you need to take to become certified to use a drone for commercial work. Yesterday we officially got our hands on our remote pilot certificate! If you need high resolution aerial photos or videos done professionally, legally, and safely, don’t hesitate to contact us. We use the DJI Phantom 4, which produces excellent imagery.


w beyer creative FAA certified aerial drone photography videographyAerial photography and videography is ideal for:

  • construction companies – to document and share building progress and completion
  • landscapers – to showcase lawn care and floral work
  • architects – to highlight and market impressive building design
  • real estate agents – to show off real estate and property features in selling a home, especially ideal for high-end homes or homes with a lot of land
  • inspectors – to gain that sometimes hard-to-reach visible access to areas of building exteriors and tall structures
  • event organizers and marketers – to display big events in their entirety from a whole new viewpoint
  • schools – private or public, secondary schools or colleges, to give future students a quick, efficient glimpse to all your campus has to offer
  •  you  – regardless of your industry, bring us your ideas for using aerial photo and video!


Some things to keep in mind when hiring drone services:

  • Shooting locations in proximity to an airport will require significant advance notice so we can secure a waiver to fly in that airspace. The FAA recommends 90 days, but contact us asap and we’ll do the best we can
  • We’re never permitted to fly over people’s heads, so aerial shots of large populated events will be shot from a distance with no flyover unless the venue is empty (the pre-event setup)
  • Flying a drone always depends upon the weather that day (flying in high winds and rain is a no-go), so have backup shooting days in mind


Let us know how we can give you that brand new birds eye view of your project!