The Incredible Teddy Foundation - Saratoga Springs, NY - Grant Fundraising Video

The Incredible Teddy Foundation hired W Beyer Creative to produce an in-depth video about the foundation and the families affected by congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) to empower people to donate to the cause.

Type of Video:
Product and Service
Production Time:
4 Weeks
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The Client & Project

The Incredible Teddy Foundation

Industry: Non-Profit Organization, Medical
Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

The Incredible Teddy Foundation has been providing support and grants for families with children born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) for over a decade, since the founders’ son (Teddy) was born with the condition. The co-founders decided a video would be the perfect avenue to let families who have been affected by CDH share about their own experiences and talk about how the Foundation made an impact on their own lives. The goal was to create an emotional connection with viewers and to empower them to donate so more families could receive financial support.

W Beyer Creative captured interviews with the co-founders, CDH families, and a renowned doctor with extensive experience with CDH at Boston Children’s Hospital to talk about the Foundation and its support programs and grants. We also captured footage at one of the Incredible Teddy Foundation’s annual fundraising events to show kids born with and without CDH enjoying life to the fullest.

Woodard Marine
Video Use

Fundraising Gala, Website

The video was primarily created to be shown at the Foundation’s annual gala to drive donations that would support CDH families. The video is also exists on the Incredible Teddy Foundation website as a way to continue to spread the organization’s message 24/7.

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

Thank you to William an Allison of W Beyer Creative for producing a promotional video for our non-profit foundation. The mini-documentary/awareness piece they recently finished was aired at our annual fundraiser and shared across social media. We could not be happier or more proud of the work they did! Will and Allison are a fantastic team and they made the making of this video so very easy. We met with them once early on to describe our hopes for the video, and they took it from there, laying out the vision and deciding where and what to film. I have never been filmed before and even though I was nervous to be interviewed, they totally put me at ease. When I saw the final product, I could never have imagined that it would have turned out as well as it did – mainly because they needed very little guidance from us whatsoever. Will and Allison are true professionals in that from the very first informational meeting, they completely understood what we wanted to convey to our audience and they executed exactly what we wanted without needing any more guidance from us. The feedback we received from viewers was that the video was inspiring, meaningful, hopeful, well-done, and beautiful – and we could not agree more! Thank you!!!


Andi L.
President & Co-Founder, The Incredible Teddy Foundation

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