World Renowned Artist Ruby Silvious - Catskills, NY - Artistic Process and Gallery Exhibit Video

W Beyer Creative filmed the artist's creative process to produce a video to accompany her art exhibit.

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Product and Service
Production Time:
1 Week
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The Client & Project

Ruby Silvious

Industry: Fine Arts/Gallery Exhibit
Location: Catskills, NY

Ruby Silvious is an artist know for her tea bag paintings and upcycled art. Her work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide. In 2020, Ruby's work was exhibited for a six-month period right here in the Capital Region at the Albany Institute of History and Art.

Ruby had the option of incorporating video into her exhibit and chose to partner with W Beyer Creative. The video shows how Ruby can turn a used tea bag into a miniature work of art.

The video incorporates a lot of ambient sounds from Ruby's artistic process to let the sights and sounds tell the story rather than words. We felt the ambient sounds really complemented the visuals.

Woodard Marine
Video Use

Art Gallery Exhibit, Website

The video played on a continuous loop as a part of Ruby's gallery exhibit at the Albany Institute of History and Art over a six month period while also living on her website.

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

"Not only are Will and Allison easy to work with, the video they produced for my museum exhibit surpassed my expectations. I have received so many compliments on it from the museum staff and gallery viewers. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!"

Ruby Silvious

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