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Your brand is unique. Not only does your business offer valuable products or services, there’s also a story, mission, and set of values behind it. A company branding video from W Beyer Creative can help you convey all of that important information to your audience, strengthening your brand’s image and helping it grow.

Production Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment

We use cinema cameras, a stabilization unit, professional lighting and audio equipment on production to capture clean imagery and sound.
High Quality Videos

High Quality Videos

We ensure the highest quality of filming, and deliver your final video file in high definition via a secure Dropbox link for you to download.
Asset Packages

Asset Packages

Investment in W Beyer Creative can create a more consistent stream of inquiries. Many packages include additional media assets along with your main video.

Increase your stream of sales for your business

Investing in a company branding video can create constant opportunities, pitching to customers at all times. You can include your video on many platforms to drive traffic to your site.

This type of video is crucial to establishing your identity and portraying your authenticity, giving a face to the brand.

Customer-facing videos for companies of all industries and sizes

Every company can benefit from having a well-made branding video. No matter what industry you’re in, your branding video can get people to notice your business and understand what it has to offer. Whether you have a small startup, an international corporation, or something in between, we’ll work with you to create a genuine video that your audience will love.

The Creative Process

Your company branding video will begin with a conversation to get to know your business and your marketing goals.


We’ll ask you questions about your business, including your values and mission, and we’ll do our own research related to your industry, so we can identify the right tone and style. From there, the project details and production timeline will vary depending on your specific needs. We can provide script writing, storyboarding, and insightful interview questions.
Production Professional Equipment


When it’s time for filming to begin, we bring our professional equipment including cinema cameras, a stabilization unit, and professional lighting and audio equipment to capture high-quality imagery and sound. If necessary, we can take aerial footage via drone–we are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate a drone for commercial projects.


During the editing process, we’ll add any text, motion graphics, audio, and other features to round out your video into the desired finished product. To ensure that your video meets your expectations, we’ll send a first cut so that you can provide any feedback. Then, we’ll make any necessary adjustments and color grade the footage to yield a polished final product.

Evaluating your branding needs

Many clients come to us knowing that they would benefit from video content to showcase their brand, but they are not sure of the scope of their project needs. We will collaborate with you to assess what will work best for your company. We can provide single branding videos, multiple video packages, and social media clips that can be utilized for future projects.

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Need post-production services for your company branding & profile videos?

If you already have footage, audio, and/or photos, but you need someone to help you produce the final product, we have a team of experienced in-house editors who offer quick turnaround on post-production services.
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