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No matter what industry you’re in, your potential clients are doing their research before they contact your business. A key aspect of that research is looking at reviews from your previous customers. W Beyer Creative can help your company harness the power of video testimonials and client success stories.

Production Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment

We uses cinema cameras, a stabilization unit, professional lighting and audio equipment on production to capture clean imagery and sound.
High Quality Videos

High Quality Videos

We ensure the highest quality of filming, and deliver your final video file in high definition via a secure Dropbox link for you to download.
Asset Packages

Asset Packages

Investment in W Beyer Creative can create an increased stream of sales. Many of our video packages include additional assets, giving you a variety of ways to reach your target audience.

Stand out from the crowd

Many businesses (including your competitors) recognize the value of written reviews from real clients. However, not every business takes advantage of video testimonials and client success stories. By featuring these on your company’s website or social media pages, you’ll have a better chance of capturing your target audience’s attention.

They also offer a deeper level of engagement than written reviews. Being able to see a smile on a previous client's face and hear their emotional connection to your brand is powerful for potential new clients who may need that extra push to choose your company.

Why would you need video testimonials?

If your company has a series of glowing reviews from satisfied customers, you’re more likely to stand out amongst your competitors. And if you’re able to showcase video testimonials from your clients, you’ll have an even sharper edge over competitors who only have written reviews from their customers.
Convert people into paying customers

Convert people into paying customers

Video testimonials can help convert site visitors into paying customers. If someone is on the fence about buying your products or services, a compelling video testimonial could convince them to look more thoroughly at what your company has to offer.
Build trust with your current and potential clients

Build trust with your current and potential clients

Video testimonials and client success stories give real customers the opportunity to explain how your company made a positive impact on their lives. This allows your audience to see your business from different perspectives, so it’s a great way to build trust with both potential and current clients.

A long-lasting return on investment

Written reviews tend to lose their power over time, but video testimonials can persuade prospective clients for years to come. Plus, you can feature client success videos in a variety of mediums, including your website, social media pages, and email newsletters.
High-quality video testimonials can influence potential customers to invest in you while also promoting a sense of community amongst current clients. And it’s a cost-effective, low-maintenance business solution offering long-lasting return on investment. Contact the team at W Beyer Creative to learn more about our video production services in the Capital Region of New York.

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Do you want to use client success stories and video testimonials to grow your business? If so, reach out to let us know about your company’s needs and goals. We can work together to create impactful, results-driven videos that set your brand apart from the rest.
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