The Different Types of Video Production Services

You’ve probably heard that video is a powerful marketing tool. But what kind of video do you need for your business?

A video production company can offer a wide range of services, from filming and editing to scriptwriting and post-production. Choose a video production company with the experience and expertise to meet your specific needs.

Video production company

The best video production companies will have pre-production (video strategy), production, and post-production services and will involve you throughout the entire process. By taking advantage of all a video production company has to offer, you can ensure that your video project is professional and high-quality.

W Beyer Creative is among the top video production agencies with a wide range of services. Contact us today for your next successful project.

Types of video production services available to businesses and organizations today

1. Corporate video production:

Corporate video production is created for a business or organization. Corporate videos promote the company, its products or services, or communicate a message to employees, customers, or shareholders.  Corporate video production includes;

  • Explainer video:

As the name suggests, these videos are designed to educate customers about how something works. An explainer video is usually short (around two minutes or less) and straight to the point. They are a great way to inform your company, product, or service to potential customers on complex or unfamiliar topics relating to your business.

  • Branding video: 

Branding videos are a type of corporate video that is created to promote your brand. These videos can introduce your company to potential customers or build brand awareness among existing customers. They’re also designed to give viewers a feel for your company’s culture and values, and convince them your company’s products and services are the right choice.

  • Training and educational videos:

Training and educational videos are created to educate employees or customers on a particular topic. They can be used to train new employees on company policies and procedures or to educate customers on how to use your product.

  • Marketing and advertising videos:

These videos are used to promote your company, product, or service. They can be used on your website, in social media campaigns, or as part of a larger marketing strategy.

2. Commercial videos:

A commercial video is used to promote a product or service. Commercials are short (30 seconds to two minutes), designed to grab attention and get straight to the point.

3. Event video production:

Event video production is the process of capturing live events, such as conferences, seminars, and concerts, on video. Event videos are typically used to promote or generate interest in future events. Event video production includes;

  • Conference videos:

Conference videos are a type of event video that captures all the sessions and keynote speeches from a conference or convention.

Conference Video
  • Seminar videos:

Seminar videos are a type of event video that captures the proceedings of a seminar. They are often used to generate interest in future seminars or to promote the speakers and topics covered. Seminar videos are shorter than conference videos and focused on a single speaker or panel.

  • Promotional videos:

Promotional videos are created to promote an upcoming event, such as a concert or festival.

4. Fundraising video production:

Fundraising video production is a type of video creation designed to help non-profit organizations build awareness and encourage donations. The videos are created to be aired at galas and fundraising events or used on social media and websites. W Beyer Creative has created fundraising and non-profit story videos for American Heart Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Melodies Center at Albany Med, and more.

5. Music video production:

Music video production is creating a music video for a band or artist. Music videos are used to promote the artist and their music. They include;

  • Performance videos:

Performance videos capture the band or artist performing their song.

Music Concert
  • Story videos:

Story videos tell a story through footage of the band or artist intercut with shots of other people and locations.

6. Videography for real estate listings:

Videography for real estate listings is creating a video tour of a property for sale. Real estate videos are used to give potential buyers an idea of what the property looks like and highlight its features. W Beyer Creative has produced brokerage marketing videos and property walkthrough videos for Coldwell Banker Prime Properties, Nye Properties at Keller Williams Realty, Albany Realty Group, Howard Hanna, Pyramid Brokerage, and more. Videography for real estate listings includes;

  • Walkthrough videos:

Home tours video gives viewers a tour of the property, from the front door to the back yard.

  • Brokerage marketing videos:

Brokerage videos promote the real estate company itself – not the properties – to home buyers, sellers, and potential agents who are interested in joining the team.

7. Video editing services:

Video editing is the process of reviewing all of the footage and creating a finished product. W Beyer Creative can edit videos for your company if you have existing unused footage collecting dust. Nearly every project we film will require this important step to providing you with a usable product. Also called “post-production”, the video editing process includes:

  • Ingesting:

Ingesting is the process of loading imported video files into the editing program to build out the video.

  • Cutting:

Cutting is the process of removing unwanted footage from a video. For example, a 30 minute interview may be cut down to a 30-second sound bite.

Video editing
  • Splicing:

Splicing is the process of adding new footage to a video. This may include weaving multiple interviews into a flowing story as well as incorporating supplemental visuals (“b-roll” footage).

  • Effects:

Effects are used to enhance a video’s look or change the way footage looks. This can include transitions, overlays, masking, applied filters, and more.

  • Color Grading and Audio Correction:

Captured footage and audio directly out of camera doesn’t cut it. Video editors enhance the look of your video’s footage to make sure the colors are attractive and consistent, the exposure is appealing, and the audio levels are optimal for listening.

  • Motion Graphics:

Video editors create and apply motion graphics and text animations into the video (think colors, transitions, and words you see on a video). Graphics and text style the piece to match your company’s brand, highlight key takeaways in the video, and grab attention when a viewer’s sound is off.

  • Closed Captioning:

Closed captioning is the process of transcribing a video’s contained audio and converting it into text that can overlay bottom of the screen while the video is playing. This allows your viewers to read along with the dialogue.

8. Video marketing:

Video marketing is using videos to promote and sell products or services. It can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. W Beyer Creative creates videos that help companies market their products and services, and partners with marketing firms that assist in getting the videos seen where they will get the most return. Videos for marketing include;

  • Animated explainer videos:

Animated explainer videos are videos that explain a product or service using animation.

  • Product demonstration videos:

Product demonstration videos are a type of video that shows how a product works.

  • Customer testimonial videos:

Customer testimonial videos are a type of video that features customers talking about their experience with a product or service.

11. Video SEO services:

Video SEO is the process of optimizing videos for search engine optimization. Video SEO is used to increase the visibility of videos in search results. These digital marketing strategies effectively help brands and businesses to reach their target audiences and achieve their marketing goals. W Beyer Creative partners with SEO experts who can get your videos seen. Video SEO services include;

  • Keyword research
  • Video content strategy
  • Title and description optimization
  • Thumbnail optimization

12. Social media videos:

Social media video cuts are short, attention-grabbing videos designed to be shared on social media platforms. They put the best imagery and messages forward more effectively than traditional videos for web, in the aspect ratios that are most current and attractive for viewing. We will create videos for platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

Benefits of using a professional video production service

There are many benefits of using a professional video production service. Among the main benefits;

  • Professional video production companies have the experience and knowledge to produce high-quality videos – upping your professional image and customer engagement.
  • A professional video production company can help you save time by preparing scripts, storyboarding, sourcing talent and voice over artists, and more. Leave the time consuming task of capturing content and editing videos to companies who do this exclusively, with the skill and dedication to give you the best product for your brand.
  • A creative video production company can also help you save money and resources. For example, if you are interested in creating training videos, your company can onboard new employees using evergreen content without draining staff and budgetary resources.
  • Using a professional video production company can help you create a video that is unique and professional. This can help you stand out from your competitors, and it can also help you attract new customers.
Video recording

How can you ensure that the final product meets your expectations and provides the desired results?

To ensure that the final product meets your expectations and provides the desired results:

  • Communicate your expectations with the video production agency/company. 
  • Provide the video production company with as much information as possible about your project.
  • Be involved in the video production process. This way, you can offer feedback and make changes along the way to ensure that the final product is exactly what you want. 
  • Review the final video before it is released to the public. This will allow you to catch any errors or make any changes that you feel are necessary.
  • Work with the best video production company based on your specific needs.

If you do these things, you will be more likely to end up with a video that provides the desired results.

W Beyer Creative is a one-stop-shop for your next video project. Our team of experienced professionals would want to help you achieve your video goals.

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Bottom line

A video production firm can help businesses promote their products or services through professional videos and content marketing. This can be used to generate leads or educate customers about a new product or service.

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