C.T. Male - Albany, NY - LiDAR Drone Survey Service

W Beyer Creative created a high energy video showcasing the features and abilities of LiDAR drone operations for their company.

Type of Video:
Social Media
Product and Service
Production Time:
2 Weeks
Production Year:
Project Partners:
The Client & Project

C.T Male

Industry: Surveying, engineering, architectural, environmental, land consulting services to clients throughout New York state

Location: Latham, NY

C.T. Male reached out to W Beyer Creative to create multiple videos that showcase the full extent of their abilities for their aerial surveying services.

W Beyer Creative captured a variety of b-roll (supplemental) footage that showcases what C.T. Male’s drone survey operations are capable of. The drone is equipped with a LiDAR camera which is able to use a laser to spotlight an object or target and then evaluates the reflection. The data collected from the scans is then used to create a map of the object(s).

Woodard Marine
Video Use

Website, Social Media

The video content created was used as external client-facing videos and option pitch videos that would show clients the option to have a drone survey of a selected area as opposed to a more cost and labor intensive traditional ground crew. With the ability to use the drone, the client gets a more accurate survey along with reduced crew costs.

We also created a package of social media assets (including images and many short videos) to provide plenty of content that could be used over time on social media platforms and in advertising.

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

W Beyer Creative and his talented team were punctual, professional and a pleasure to work with. W Beyer Creative were excellent at communicating what needed to be done to get the best quality product. They were also easy to communicate with pre-production and post-production. The group of professionals I work with were very pleased with the product W Beyer Creative produced and we look forward to working with him again in the future.

Michael N.
Managing Survey Technician, GPS, Scanner and UAV Technician

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