Fulton-Montgomery Community College - Johnstown, NY - Program Spotlight

W Beyer Creative works with Fulton-Montgomery Community College on an ongoing basis to create content that promotes the programs and college experience.

Type of Video:
Social Media
Higher Education
Production Time:
1 Week
Production Year:
Project Partners:
Spiral Design
The Client & Project

Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Industry: Higher Education
Location: Johnstown, NY

Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC) hired W Beyer Creative to highlight a specific program within the college that needed more enrollment. The video generated so much excitement within the college that each program director requested our services to highlight their individual programs. FMCC signed up for a 1 year-contract to generate video content on a monthly basis to continue to showcase their offerings.

Woodard Marine
Video Use

Website, Social Media

The video content will be living on each academic program page on Fulton Montgomery Community College’s updated website. It will be used in all recruitment efforts going forward. We will continue to repurpose captured footage and interviews to fit marketing needs as they change over time. W Beyer Creative is very happy to have a great working relationship with leadership at FMCC.

Woodard Marine

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

“This company separates themselves from the rest in terms of production quality. Their willingness to go into any scenario and come out of it with amazing footage is a testament to their ability to work in any setting. I would also add that they are great to work with on both production planning as well as post production. Overall, couldn’t recommend them enough if you are looking to create a new brand and vision for your company through video production.”
Daniel Fogarty
Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Fulton-Montgomery Community College

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