Urban Industrial Design - Albany, NY - Custom Furniture Company Branding Video

Urban Industrial Design uses professional video to sell custom wood furniture to customers.

Type of Video:
Branding Video
Production Time:
3 Weeks
Production Year:
Project Partners:
Reach Creative
The Client & Project

Urban Industrial Design

Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Albany, NY

Urban Industrial Design is a custom furniture business in Albany, NY that creates hardwood tables for residential and commercial clients.

The company uses video to show the process that goes into creating each product from a rough tree slab to a functional product. We captured a real client’s product being created in real-time. The business owner wrote a narrative about his company that we captured using professional audio equipment.

Woodard Marine
Video Usage

Branding and Promotion

Our goal was to highlight both the process and quality of craftsmanship that goes into each piece. The purpose of the video is to increase the client’s sales numbers by showing the company’s personalized approach and technical skill invested in creating a product. Attention to detail is paramount, and by showing that, the video is able to help this client increase and legitimize their price point per product.

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

“Absolutely killed it with our company “about us” video. We then did a second video involving the product of crafting furniture from start to finish – yet again did a professional and timely job. Highly recommend!”

Brian S.
Owner, Urban Industrial Designs

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