Next-Step Stool - Capital Region, NY - Investment Pitch Video

Aha! Solutions hired W Beyer Creative to create a short video that shows investors why the Next-Step Stool is better than any other product like it on the market.

Type of Video:
Product and Service
Production Time:
2 Weeks
Production Year:
Project Partners:
The Client & Project

Aha! Solutions Inc.

Industry: Product Development, Manufacturing
Location: Capital Region, NY

CEO Sara Hasan of Aha! Solutions, Inc. saw a need in the product market for a step stool that is space-saving, easy to set up, and customizable for all. Aha! Solutions requested a video that showcases the patent-pending product's functionality, unique benefits, and real-life use in a lifestyle setting.

The main goal of the video is to drive monetary investments in the development of this product by showing its value as well as attract attention from potential customers.

Woodard Marine
Video Use

Investment Pitches, Promotion

Aha! Solutions uses the video as a part of their investment pitch portfolio. The company also uses their visual content to drive pre-sale commitments for the product. The video lives on the company's website homepage and gives viewers a quick look at how the product will benefit them.

Along with this one-minute video, W Beyer Creative created a vertical ad that can be used to target/sell to key audiences on social media.

Woodard Marine

What Our Clients Say

"Will and Ally are the friendliest and most professional videographers I have ever met! They went above and beyond to accommodate my project and to deliver an outstanding result. What can I say... their engaging, detail-oriented work speaks for itself!! As a new entrepreneur developing a new product, my expectations were high, but W Beyer Creative exceeded those expectations!"

Sara H.
Inventor, CEO, AHA! Solutions Inc.

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