In today's world, high quality video and photo are what gets your brand noticed. It can be the difference between securing few clients versus many. Clients want to see your people, products, and services portrayed in their best light. They want to be moved and called to action. We're committed to helping you accomplish all of the above.


Producing videos and photos that are professional and stunning to view is a process. Here is a look at how we do our best to give you a product you will be proud to share.

  • Getting to know about your company
  • Narrowing down your needs and focus
  • Storyboarding your project
  • Securing actors and locations
  • Writing interview questions
  • Directing the shoot
  • Post production editing
  • Licensing music/SFX
  • Color grading
  • Exporting and uploading the final product

What you can expect to invest financially and timewise will depends on your project's scope. We do our best to work with you to reach a pricing method that fits your needs and budget. We charge half day and full day rates for most projects, but will consider hourly rates depending on your needs for the shoot. Please contact us and let's discuss what your project will entail. From there we will be able to give you a proper estimate.


Reserve Your Date

We want to make sure we are available when you need us. If you have a set project or event date, or even an approximate time frame, let us know so we can make ourselves available.01

Initial Consultation

We will arrange a phone call or in-person meeting so we can learn a little about you and your project or event needs.02

Estimate and Proposal

Once we understand your project’s scope, we will be able to provide you with a pricing estimate. Upon your request, we can also prepare a proposal that outlines information about the project, services, timeline, and pricing for your team’s review.03

Making It Official

Once both parties sign off on the contract of service (when one is necessary), the real planning can begin. We are so glad you have chosen to work with us.04

Creating The Blueprint

From storyboarding to scriptwriting to location scouting, we put a lot of advance planning into your project. We can follow your pre-written agenda or propose some ideas of our own, depending on where you are at in your planning process and how much of a role you would like us to take.05

Shooting Day

The day we have all been looking forward to is finally here! We will arrive (early, of course) to your project with careful plans and equipment ready to go.06

Post Production

After we have loaded up our memory cards with footage, we edit it to perfection with our agreed-upon deadline in mind. For video projects, we can provide rough and revised cuts for your review along the way so the final product meets (and exceeds) all of your expectations.07

Project: Complete

We will digitally deliver your final product, but if your needs call for another form of delivery, we are happy to oblige. We look forward to the opportunity to continue collaborating with you on future projects!08

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